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Hack #5: Physical Therapy

Hack #5: Head control. bear weight, roll over, sit up, crawl, pull up, walk….it’s all so exhausting when you’re working on inchstones over milestones. But I see you and hear you, mamas!!! It seems crazy, but instagram has been my go-to for knowledge on raising on a child with different needs. Other mamas teach so me so much every single day. I hope I can spread even a little bit of that knowledge to help other families feel more empowered in their child’s care! Your child’s therapist may not always recommend different  tools because they are expensive, but also because they are busy and forget. Heck, I have taught Jack’s PT about many of these things so sometimes they just aren’t aware.

Jack has been behind psychically  since he was 8 days old. I didn’t even know that was possible; but, when he was that age, the physical therapist at the hospital told me, “he should have better head control”. I thought, “he’s brand new so maybe give him some time.” However, time and time again I have heard specialists call my son “floppy” and “low tone”. Hypotonia and CP were so scary and daunting because of the way my son’s neuro team presented them. Of course those are not diagnoses that we want for our children, but they also don’t have to be devastating. There are so many children in the world thriving with HIEs, CP, Hypotonia, etc. Our kiddos just need the right tools for their specific toolboxes. Below are some amazing things have helped Jack develop his gross motor skills and thrive in his independence. We hope they will your family as well!

Because Jack has always been so “floppy,” he struggles in a typical carrier of any kind. He also has a really tough time regulating his temperature and will overheat in a typical carrier so quickly. I searched and searched for a good carrying option for my little buddy and finally found this! He is now 2.5-years old and 30lbs. The Tushbaby works perfectly for him and it’s so easy to use!!


This hilarious contraption is the first thing that ever got Jack on his feet. Standing was so difficult that he didn’t even want to try. I had no idea how we were going to show him how cool it would be to move around until I found this Pewi Y-Bike! It’s perfect for Jack because it allowed him to sit and then apply as much or as little weight to his legs as he wanted.
This is a Kaye Posterior Walker. This is the first walker/gait trainer that Jack ever got. He has one currently that is similar, but has a seat and some extras. We were able to get the second one through insurance, but it was such a battle. Luckily, Jack’s PT had one we could borrow and it was the most amazing thing for Jack. There was an unbelievable transformation in him once he got his walker and got mobile!
This wedge made some amazing difference in at-home PT for Jack as an infant! Below is the same idea, but more options for support and sitting up, but easy to take with you!
The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart is one of the only play push toys that can support Jack’s weight and is tall enough for him. We do have to put weights in it sometimes if he is really relying on it heavily.
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