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Hack #3: Books

Hack 3.) Books featuring main characters with different abilities, as well as books that help with developmental skills.

I Hope you all love these if you don’t already have them. I have spent so much time looking for books that explain medical conditions, epilepsy specifically, as well as promote inclusion by featuring characters with different abilities. Unfortunately, I have not found as many as I would expect or want. I know our wonderful community of mamas taking care of kiddos with different needs is on a mission to change this and I know we can! In the mean time, here are a few good options that we LOVE! I have also found some books amazing for working on different developmental skills. PLEASE contact me if you think there are any that need to be added to this list! ↓↓


Just a quick note about this one: “the wiggles” is NOT how I would ever choose to explain epilepsy. However, the message in this book is a good/important one and this is the best book that I have found to read to elementary schoolers regarding seizures. I appreciate how this book talks to kids about a voice for your friends if they are having a seizure. It focuses on not bullying, being kind, and just treating a friend with epilepsy like anyone else. 




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